Madhav Kumar Nepal

Leader Nepal asks local leaders to vote without fear

SARLAHI: Senior leader of Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Madhav Kumar Nepal has urged mayors, deputy mayors of the local bodies of Sarlahi district to cast their ballot in the upcoming January 23 National Assembly election without fear.

Speaking at a program at Hariban municipality-5 in Sarlahi, he instructed voters representing the alliance of NCP and Rastriya Janata Party (RJP) Nepal in State-2 to vote in favor of the party.
He called for cooperation from the voters for ensuring social, cultural and economic change.
Radheshyam Pashwan and Tulasha Dahal are contesting from NCP while Mrigrendra Kumar Singh Yadav and Sekhar Kumar Singh are vying from RJP-Nepal for the upcoming National Assembly election in the district. Source: khabarhub


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