Madhav Kumar Nepal

World Cricket League Division 5 Tournament

Mr. Chairperson Binaya Raj Pandey, Honorable Ministers, The Representative of International Cricket Council, Office bearers of National Sports Council, Office bearers of Nepal Olympic Committee, Office bearers of Cricket Association of Nepal, Ladies and Gentleman ! It gives me immense pleasure to learn that Nepal is hosting the World Cricket League Division 5 Tournament organized by International Cricket Council (ICC) from February 20–27, 2010. On this occasion, I would like to extend my thanks to the International Cricket Council for providing this opportunity to Nepal and wish a very success of this event. At this very important day, let me allow you to extend my hearty welcome to all the International Invitees , ICC officials, participating teams from various countries, Umpires, media persons in the land of world's highest mountain, the Mount Everest and the birth place of a Symbol of Peace, Lord Buddha. As we all know that the Cricket Association of Nepal has already successfully organized various Asian Cricket Tournaments in the past, and it had also invited and successfully organized various games among the Test Playing Nations. I am confident that like in the past, this time too, our guests will get warm hospitality and friendly environment during their stay in Nepal. I can assure you that the natural beauty of Nepal, the diverse arts and cultures of Nepal, beautiful weather and warm reception by the Nepali cricket lovers will definitely touch your heart and make your stay enjoyable. The Government of Nepal is determined to develop cricket as a national game in the country and committed to provide international standard facilities to the sports persons. The Government of Nepal has also realized that there is a need to develop basic infrastructures of sports and also promote and protect of our existing facilities. Likewise, there is a need to give priority for the overall development of quality and quantity of players, coaches and umpires. I would like to assure you that the government is ready to provide further investment in this field and also necessary resources to build institutional capacity of National Sports Council. Let me allow you to appreciate our National Cricket Team for their remarkable successes in both domesic and international games in the past despite having limited resources and comparatively less favourable environment. For their outstanding successes, I would like to extend my heartiest thanks to all the Nepali Cricket Players, Coaches and the office bearers of CAN. Although, the present achievements are itself important, but it is not the end, the Nepali Cricket Team has still to travel a long journey to participate and secure the Cricket World Cup. And I am waiting to see that day. As you all know that Nepal has better environment to play cricket and many Nepali people love cricket. I hope in future Nepal will be able to organize many more regional and international level tournaments. I appeal the representative of ICC to give Nepal many more opportunities in the days to come and provide necessary supports in the development of cricket in Nepal. The upcoming cricket tournament will not just help to promote cricket in Nepal but, it will help for the overall development of sports in Nepal. I also believe that the tournament and the event like this will play vital role in the promotion of tourism in Nepal. Lastly, I would like to wish a very successful completion of this game. I urge you to take winning and losing in the games as the parts of the competitions, and needed to be taken normally. Let’s believe in saying: ‘first friendship, then competition’. Once again, I wish all the international participants a very pleasant stay in Nepal and hope that the memories of the tournaments will always remain fresh in your mind. Thank you!
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