Madhav Kumar Nepal

Salsebergs university

Mr. Chair person, Ladies and gentlemen I am happy to be here today on the third Convocation Ceremony of the International School of Tourism and Hotel Management which is affiliated with the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Austria. Tourism sector is one of the most important sectors of Nepal as it plays vital role in all the countries in the present day world. I am happy to note that International School of Tourism and Hotel Management is producing fresh, able and worthy young graduates who would contribute to the tourism promotion of the country. Young, energetic and diligent graduates like you who could guide the country to the right direction to develop plans and programs for tourism development are the pride of our nation. Those of you who have graduated today have become managers of your own field with latency inside you. I urge you to make use of your comprehensive knowledge and skill that is gained till today from this School to the best possible ways and to take the lead with the innovative ideas, energy and zeal to diversify tourism in Nepal. This is the time to work for your country and help it to reach at the level of other developed countries so that you could all be proud for yourself being a Nepali. As we all know, our motherland has great potentiality for tourism development endowed by nature with the enchanting beauty, panoramic scene and multi ethnic cultural diversity. Both the international and domestic tourists could enjoy the natural beauty, varied cultural diversity and experience the adventures of Nepal. No other countries would offer such diversity as is found in Nepal. Despite the great potentiality, we have been left behind to reap the benefit from the tourism sector to its optimum. Tourism sector has suffered a lot in the recent past due to conflict, political instability and also lack of resources and infrastructures to some extent. We need to work a lot for the betterment in our tourism industry. I am happy to inform to this gathering today that the Government of Nepal is planning for "Visit Year 201" to attract and draw attention of more and more tourists. Government of Nepal accords high priorities to the tourism development and therefore has opened this sector for foreign investment as well. I am happy to learn that this School, since its establishment, five years ago, has already produced hundreds of skilled manpower who are engaged in the various hospitality industries at home and abroad. The contribution of International School of Management towards the tourism development is valuable. The government of Nepal is always appreciative towards your endeavor to contribute to the tourism development. Nepal and Austria, though geographically far away from each other, share many things in common. Both are mountainous country with tremendous opportunities for tourism development. Nepal could learn a lot from the experience of the success of tourism development in Austria. The expertise of Austria for tourism promotion and development could be of immense help to us. We hope to get more support and collaboration from Austria in the tourism education and tourism infrastructure development. I would like to extend profound appreciation to Mr. Doris Walter, the Vice Chancellor of the Salzburg University and Mr. Leonhard Woerndl, the Dean of the Salzburg University for their presence and positive contribution towards the tourism development in Nepal. Finally, let me congratulate you all the students who have graduated today and also to the International School of Tourism and Hotel Management for producing such able graduates. I wish all the success to the institution and also to the students. Thank you ( Honerable pm has exprees this sppeech on salsbergs universitiy of Australia's convocation on November 19)
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