Nepaliले ळेख्नुभयो:

First of all congratulation. i want to suggest to you that, if you want to do some things for Nepal & Nepali, then you should stop the criminal. This is the very very inportant work in current situation. looking your work how efficative on this regards

khagendra gaihreले ळेख्नुभयो:

namaskar prdhan mantri gi pahila ta hajur pm hunu bhaya ko ma hardik subha kamana mero sujab yo 6 ki hajur ko karya kal ma rukum mugu dolpa humla jumla lagayat durgam ka janata le nun ra chhamal sagilai paun ousadi nabhayara marnu naparos banda hadtal asanti hatauna safal hunu hos tatkal janata le paunu parne subidha mahangi cam hos KHAGENDRA GAIHRE DUBAI U A E

Kisan Chaliseले ळेख्नुभयो:

PM sir namskar, There are so many talented nepalese all over the world and want to do something for NEPAL,but the problem no stable government,strike here and there everyday.So no one want to do buisness in Nepal.I will suggest you to take some measure to make a nepal peacefull and wealthy. 1)Since the Maoist are asking their PLA to be inducted in the NA,Make a new division of security force and give them a task of road safety,industry safety.They should be responsible for no blockage of road and no strike in industry.By doing this Maoist also happy and we can avoid strikes. 2)Just concentrate mainly on Hydro Power project.Ask for the tender and let the companies start work as earliest.This will creat emplyment and power generates. 3)Nepal telecom should be make it private and make some more private company in communication it will make competion and ultimately people will be benefitted from it. 4)Please make a law that son and daughter are equally distributes the wealth of parents.It will demoralise those who still prefere son over daughter. 5)Make corruption as crminal offence,those who involved must be punish harshly and he should suspended from the govt.job immideatly after his crime is prroved. I hope my suggestion will be consider if it is valuable.

Jagadishले ळेख्नुभयो:

Dear Kamred, Aru kura ta testai ho Desh ma din pratidin kanuni rajya ko uphas hune gari hatya kutpit ka ghatana haru baddhai chan. Janta lai purna kanuni rajya ko pratyabhuti dina paryo.

थानेश्वर भुसालले ळेख्नुभयो:

निरन्तर रुपमा अद्यावधिक गर्दै गएमा आफ्नै निजी वेबसाइटको प्रयोग महत्वपूर्ण सावित हुनेछ ।

Lok Budhathokiले ळेख्नुभयो:

Hi Primeminster, Frist of all. wish u the best of luck to be a primeminster of nepal. please think about nepal & nepali for their future.

Jeewanले ळेख्नुभयो:

Dear Priminister, I believe your dedication as full timer in politics will help you to handle current affairs in Nepal. Please avoid engaging in useless events so that your energy be available for key issues of Nepal. The point be noted- Nepal is no more a land of human but very ugly species of Homo sapiens having no values, no morals, no feelings.......just a mad society driven by mass chaos. May your health be sound & your well groomed mind be fruitful for this country detrerioting day by day.

pradeepले ळेख्नुभयो:

Dear Mr Prime Minister,i want to congratulate on being the prime minister of Nepal.i am studying in Australia...i just wish that u will not be like other prime minister in Nepal who just talk but do nothing for people...i want u do something for people so common people can remember u...and i also want u to settle down border dispute with India as quick as please sir think about your country rather than your relatives and party...thank you for reading my message

Smirity Luetelले ळेख्नुभयो:

Dear prime minister, We nepalese people have a big hope to you. So you must be milstone to solve the problem on the border to india and i hope you will make a parmanent solution to this problem. And we also like to see the successness of peace process in your time.

Tirtha Nepalले ळेख्नुभयो:

pm madhav nepal ko web site le ma khusi vaya . mero euta sujhav 6 pm lai , kali bahadur kham lai pakrau gari maobadi lai nangejhar parnuparyo .

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